Beyond the Bottom Line : July 2021

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July 2021

Hello HTA team,


I hope you enjoyed the Fourth of July break and were able to spend time with your family and friends. Thank you again for your tremendous effort to close the first half strong.


If you recall from my video message back in April, our long-term goal was to exceed $300M in sales by 2023. If we continue on our current sales trajectory, we will be on pace to achieve more than $270M this year, and well ahead of our target. This is a great achievement and you should all be proud of your accomplishments.


I look forward to our BRM next week, when I will share the next target milestone in our plan to be the leading manufacturer in our industry. Once again, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your continued commitment, dedication and passion for our business.


Best regards,

Mr. C.H. Ha, President, Hanwha Techwin America

HTA YTD Net Sales (sell-in)

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2020 Market Share Estimates – Americas

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Dan Gonzalez has been a vital part of our Products and Solutions team for years, becoming an expert in all things recording, decoding and encoding. This includes WAVE VMS, WAVE Servers, NVRs and DVRs. He’s also a pro at balancing the needs of our markets and customers, working closely with HQ and key suppliers.


The recent WAVE servers upgrade is a direct result of his work and skill. He transitioned the MBX server product line towards one powered by Dell technology with premium quality and support.  Overall, we have seen steady improvement and strong sales growth across the entire WAVE server family, with quarterly sales increasing by nearly 50% just in the past year alone.


As co-leader of the WAVE VMS product management team, Dan played a key role in nearly doubling WAVE license sales in 2020 from the previous year. Additionally, his work resulted in the pull-through of other products as customers in some segments have rewarded us for our combined Camera+VMS solution with additional camera sales. Looking ahead we anticipate great things from WAVE through the upcoming 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 patch releases, notably the more fully evolved VMS features like LDAP Groups and for hardware-accelerated viewing of decoded video streams including 8K. Thank you and great job, Dan!

It’s always great to beat out a main competitor, but also converting a reluctant dealer to HTA makes a win that much more satisfying. Todd Cabot had built a strong relationship with the Orange County (California) Sheriff’s Department over the years and that dedication paid off recently, in the form of an $850,000 purchase order to roll-out Wisenet 7 and WAVE products including AI cameras, the multi-sensor PNM-9084 vandal-resistant cameras and more. Todd and the team worked tirelessly to demonstrate our value over Axis and Bosch. Ultimately, we won based on the strength of our features, performance and improved integration with Genetec.


Securing this specification with the end-user forced an unwilling and Axis-friendly dealer to work with Hanwha and understand our value. This was a great overall team effort by the FAE, SAE, RSM, TMG, and also Nhu Dang, who has been instrumental in assisting many of the department’s internal IT staff with using the Wisenet Device Manager tool.

The Wisenet Latin America team has now supported the installation of more than 1,000 Hanwha Techwin Q, X and P series cameras into the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These cameras include the QND-8080R and QNP-6320 dome models, XNP-6320H PTZ models and the PNO-A9081R AI-enabled bullet models. Working closely with San Juan-based integrator ISEC and Genetec, we also received our first order for TNO-3010 thermal cameras for this site. This latest camera deployment marks the project’s third phase and brings total revenue to more than $350,000 to date. Our cameras beat out solutions from Axis, Bosch, Dahua and Vivotek and our team assisted the airport’s technical teams with full airport walk-throughs and camera pilot programs. Through the ongoing technical and commercial expertise of Luis Miguel Davila and the leadership of Sofia Borelly, we will continue to expand our presence across this important travel hub, ensuring the safety of those traveling to and from La Isla Del Encanto.


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The next big date on our events calendar is the 2021 Global Security Exchange (GSX), September 27-29. Hanwha Techwin will kick off the show with a rep meeting on Sunday, September 26. Highlights of the HTA booth will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) with attribute extraction and object classification, specialty solutions across our key vertical markets (retail, banking, healthcare, corrections and education), our new Wisenet SKY cloud-based recording solution, the Wisenet WAVE platform, 8K and modular camera series. You can register for the event and learn more here.

HTA has a full agenda planned for the virtual BRM next week (July 13-15). We’ll review our outstanding first half and unveil highlights of our second-half strategy including updates from Marketing, our product road map and key new customer tools like the Specification Generator. Plus, you’ll hear about new business processes and operational enhancements as we continue our drive to be the top video surveillance provider in North America. Check your email for log-in details.

If you have questions or feedback, please email me HERE. I will try to respond and include your ideas in next month’s issue. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you. C.H.

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