Beyond the Bottom Line : June 2021

A Hanwha Techwin Communication

June 2021

Dear HTA team,


As we welcome summer, I’m amazed by how different daily life is now compared to this time last year. The pandemic finally seems to be subsiding and I’m sure we’re all excited to resume many activities in our daily life: gathering with family and friends or attending public events. Professionally, that means a return to customer visits, trade shows and collaborating with colleagues back at the office.


HTA management is currently working on an office reopening plan that works for our business but also prioritizes the safety and well-being of all our employees. In the meantime, the office is open and available for you to use if you need a place to work. We are reimbursing lunch costs up to $15 per day for those who come in. We urge all employees to get vaccinated and we’re closely following the CDC guidelines to ensure workplace protection.


When you do return, you’ll notice several improvements to the Teaneck office; an upgraded Espresso/coffee machine, new furniture for the conference rooms, expanded workspaces with new partitions and a lactation room for new moms. And with the EBC near completion, you are all welcome to use our new kitchen space which can accommodate up to 20 people (when not in use by customers).


These enhancements are all part of our ongoing commitment to developing a better work culture, and to creating a more comfortable working environment for everyone.


Best regards,

Mr. C.H. Ha, President, Hanwha Techwin America

HTA YTD Net Sales (sell-in)

Dollars in mil.

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The most successful products are the ones that continually evolve and improve. That evolution is largely through the efforts of the Product Management team, and one name we all know (but can’t always pronounce) is Bart Krzywda.


Always seeking to enhance our strategic product planning, Bart was instrumental in the development of innovations like our PTZ plus, multi-sensor and AI-based camera models, as well as other vital proposed enhancements to our product line, including our compliance with NDAA guidelines leading up to our final NDAA replacement model in just a few months from now.


Bart’s not only involved in product release process and training, but also in getting everyone at HTA about excited about new technologies. Remember the great sample PTZ plus video clips we saw during the Virtual BRM? Those came from cameras mounted on Bart’s vehicle as he made New York City our demo lab to show off the image quality of our Wisenet 7 cameras.


Thank you, Bart, for always listening to our customers and watching the market signals as we continue the leading innovator in our market!

The Wisenet Latin American team continues to secure the offices, warehouses and assets of the most important e-commerce company in Latin America: Mercado Libre. This organization – the equivalent of Amazon throughout most of LatAm – has installed more than 5,000 Wisenet camera solutions, continually beating competitive offerings from Axis and Bosch. Mercado Libre’s adoption rate is showing no signs of slowing as we expect $5M-plus in net sales from them in 2021. We’ve also moved all the business from this customer to distribution for 2021, so our success is due in large part to our key regional partners, primarily Prosegur and G4S, as well as our ongoing integration and coordination with Genetec. Shout-outs go to Rodrigo Martini and Clausson Forin in Brazil; John Monastoque, Anne Abscheidt and Hernando Chavez in Colombia; and Ana Coria and Oscar Arrieta in Mexico. And special thanks to our solutions director Omar Lugones who deserves recognition for leading this close and consistent engineering and integrator relationship.


Thanks to everyone for their efforts. Spoiler alert: this customer will likely be the first we bring to the EBC Showroom in Teaneck. Woo-hoo!

Whether it’s closing out a strong sales quarter or securing a key customer win, success is always a team effort. HTA’s Inside and Outbound sales teams are primary contributors to so many sales victories. Setting aside their main responsibilities the teams adapted to the changing landscape and our evolving business needs, consistently demonstrating the best of our core values: passion, adaptability, patience, resilience and leadership. All while putting customer satisfaction above all else. I would like to thank Joy Kang, Phillip Nelson and Beritt Bunton, Lisette Rodriguez for their commitment and dedication to our business, and to Laura Ascolese for her leadership.

Distribution relationships can be costly and time consuming, but HTA’s Nancy Jones has cracked the ROI code working with Wesco/Anixter. Her efforts have led to a more efficient use of our resources and a stronger sales pipeline, all at no extra cost to HTA.


She has shifted the workload for tasks normally managed by HTA’s national accounts team to funded headcount at Anixter. Through smart use of market development funds we can leverage Anixter’s global customer relationship as a lead generation funnel for Hanwha Techwin’s global ecosystem. She’s worked to add performance-based incentives to their global end-user incentive program, allowing net new end-user project opportunities sourced from Anixter’s existing global customer base to qualify to earn rebates from an established “use it or lose it” fund. Transparency of this program and leads will be shared with LatAm and HTE, providing further synergy beyond the U.S. and Canada.


Her commitment and dedication have also led to improvements in parts maintenance and an enhanced review process for measuring the effectiveness our distribution channel.

Good news from the South-Central region, from Luc Swimberghe and manufacturer rep Brian Richardson with support from Jay Jo.


The Tomball Independent School District near Houston, Texas, is deploying a WAVE VMS system with 1,100 cameras across its two high schools, pushing us past the 600-camera mark on the takeover of all cameras and licenses on the entire system.


We faced tough competition from Video Insights and Panasonic Solutions – even with them offering free licenses! The district chose the HTA system for its software ease of use and functionality, smart search, analytics features and multi-sensor technologies.


Additional support came from Dowley Security Systems, who assisted with design and implementation.

Jason Clement recently proved the customer isn’t always right, successfully proposing a new audio solution for Community Bank.


The bank originally presented their proposal to deploy sound classification/gunshot detection analytics at a new branch. Jason reviewed and tested the audio microphone design with technicians from the SI, Securitas, repeatedly expressing his concerns about the compatibility between the camera settings, the sound classification analytic and the Louroe mixer/mic combo. He proactively discovered the mixer output was “line out” only and worked with our factory to find our sound classification only works with our internal mic or exterior mic to trigger an event.


Jason worked with our Product Team to develop a set-up guide protocol to properly calibrate settings, then successfully deployed a more effective solution for the customer. Without his untiring efforts, we could not have delivered the level of performance this camera was specified to produce.

Our Executive Business Center (EBC) is moving forward and is on target for a grand opening in the second half of this year. The 8,000 square-foot space will include training and conference rooms with full video and online capabilities, demo stations, kitchen/break area and more.

If you have questions or feedback, please email me HERE. I will try to respond and include your ideas in next month’s issue. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you. C.H.

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