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Beyond the Bottom Line : June 2022 – Hanwha Techwin America

Beyond the Bottom Line : June 2022

A Hanwha Techwin Communication

June 2022 –

Hello HTA team,


Now that we’re more than a month into 2022, we can look back on our growth in 2021, which can only be described in one word: Epic!


Even with the lingering impact of Covid and persistent supply chain issues, we achieved 28% growth as net sell-in. (NA: 28%, LATAM: 40%) I appreciate everyone’s contributions, from our sales and field support teams to our warehouses and factories to the office teams in New Jersey.


I’m confident we’ll be celebrating an even greater level of success at this same time next year when we look back at 2022. We’re already off to a good start, following a record-setting January total of $35.6 million.


As a company, we also invested heavily in our own operations in 2021, spending more than $10 million on air shipments and purchasing many hard-to-find components directly off the open market due to a global component shortage. In some cases, HQ’s procurement team paid up to 100 times above normal prices, placing order fulfillment above budget.


Sometimes the costs weren’t always monetary. During one Covid-related area lockdown, the workers in our Vietnam factory slept on-site for about one month. To reward their dedication, HQ paid them about three times their regular wage during the period.


The R&D team was also proactive, often scrambling to reengineer, redesign or modify products as a result of component procurement issues. For example, when Q Series cameras were experiencing severe audio component procurement issues, the R&D team quickly developed a new derivative that bypassed the audio function. They did similar work for about 60 different products throughout the year so we could continue to ship orders globally.


These stories are what “Beyond the Bottom Line” is all about – recognizing the people behind the business. We have even more internal success stories to highlight in this issue, so please enjoy it and send your ideas for future issues!


Thank you!


Best regards,

Mr. C.H. Ha, President, Hanwha Techwin America

HTA YTD Net Sales (sell-in)

Dollars in mil.

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The Hanwha Techwin Technology Center officially opened its doors in early 2022, giving visitors a public preview of the future of security and surveillance. But the story behind the Center’s origin is equally fascinating.

The Hanwha Techwin Technology Center officially opened its doors in early 2022, giving visitors a public preview of the future of security and surveillance. But the story behind the Center’s origin is equally fascinating.

A recent win lead by Paig Parish, BDM, Retail & Restaurant.

Paig leveraged his relationship with several members of the Starbuck’s global security team to begin conversations about Hanwha as an alternative to Axis, the incumbent. Paig established trust in is personal brand as well as Hanwha and was able to get Hanwha into the testing and vetting process. In early May we were awarded our first project with 4600 cameras including 3400 QNF-8010’s and 1200 QND-6082R1’s. This is a small portion of a much larger opportunity with Starbucks.  Great job Paig… Coffees’ on you!

Support team:

Rey Eversole who managed the local relationship and support with Starbucks HQ in Seattle.

Supporting the Security of White Martins Brazil

White Martins is a leading industrial gas company in Latin America. They serve a variety of end markets including chemicals, energy, healthcare, and mining. As a part of Linde, they are the primary provider of containerized oxygen and other gases in the region. During the pandemic, the security and safety of their personnel, materials, and equipment was paramount. Oxygen requirements was historically high, and the danger of production accidents and theft were also higher due to increased demand.

Hanwha’s Rodrigo Martini worked closely with our specialized integrator Avantia to evaluate the best approach to securing i) the perimeter ii) production facilities and iii) common areas. After extensive requirements review, a Hanwha solution was deployed, which included X series domes and bullets, Q series PTZs, and a complete WAVE solution. They are now working on pilots with P series AI cameras for integration with WAVE 5.0.  Avantia also provided custom integration to several internal systems, which now proactively protects and notifies the security department of events and activities. Avantia has completed 11 sites to date, with between 150-200 cameras per site. We expect all 88 sites to be upgraded to a Hanwha solution in the next 18 months. Kudos to the Hanwha Brazil team for their great work on this project! This is a project that is protecting and saving lives.

Copy to come…Our customers’ surveillance requirements continue to evolve, so we’ll keep launching new technologies with the right features to deliver a competitive edge. HQ’s engineering team will develop about 100 new products in 2022. One highlight will certainly be the new A series, which should take a big chunk of business from our competitors due to its cost-effective performance and installation flexibility. It’s appropriately named, too: the “A” series will be the beginning of our innovations in 2022.

Hanwha Techwin is highlighting its intelligent video solutions for security and surveillance at GSX 2022. Key technologies will include IP cameras using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning algorithms for accurate attribute extraction and object classification, specialty solutions across vertical markets (retail, banking, healthcare, corrections and education), the new Wisenet SKY cloud-based recording solution, and the Wisenet WAVE platform. Taking place September 12-14, 2022 at the Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta Georgia. Visit GSX.

GSX 2022


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