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While the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding, its effects on daily life – social distancing, face coverings and limited public gatherings – are likely to remain. Now, surveillance technologies still need to monitor and protect, but also help ensure safety and health.


Hanwha Techwin is making it easier for businesses and managers of public spaces to easily and cost-effectively comply with federal and local guidelines – and keep their employees, customers and visitors safe. Our full suite of health and safety intelligent solutions can readily adapt to the requirements of any changing business environment.

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Occupancy Monitoring

Easily monitor public spaces to maintain safe occupancy levels

4K camera resolution with edge-based AI video analytics

The Hanwha Techwin Occupancy Monitoring System combines 4K camera resolution with edge-based AI video analytics so you can easily maintain safe building occupancy levels to protect employees and customers. The application provides retailers, houses of worship, museums, entertainment facilities, restaurants and more with highly accurate, real-time data on the number of people in a facility at any given time.

This data can also be repurposed later for researching customer behaviors or shopping preferences. Compatible with Wisenet P AI cameras, this edge-based application simultaneously counts the number of people entering and leaving a building. When a pre-set maximum capacity level is reached, the application generates alarm outputs to control automatic doors or a traffic light beacon. It also generates red “wait” or green “enter” customizable text messages that can be displayed on monitors to customers waiting in line.
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  • Aggregates occupancy data from up to 8 cameras at
    8 entrances/exits simultaneously
  • Edge-based analytics with Deep Learning AI
  • HTTP command integrations



  • Uses conventional camera placement (no top view needed)
  • No server required, license-free
  • Compliant with ONVIF and NDAA
  • Increases security and adds customer behavior insights

Occupancy Monitoring with AI Cameras


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Occupancy Monitoring


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Face Mask Detection

Protect staff and visitors by identifying uncovered or partially exposed faces

Edge-Based Solutions

Hanwha Techwin’s edge-based face mask detection solutions help keep employees and visitors safe by accurately identifying people in violation of mask wearing policies. This helps keep your office or store safe and compliant with local laws and health guidelines, and gives your employees and customers peace of mind without the purchase or installation of additional hardware or equipment.


Edge-based face mask detection is available in two versions: as a standard feature of Wisenet P series’ license-free AI camera analytics suite and as an easy to install Open Platform application for select Wisenet X series camera models. These edge-based solutions are scalable and easily integrate with Wisenet WAVE VMS for live monitoring and can be used to generate alarms, event notifications and bookmarks for use during forensic review.

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Face Mask Detection Features

  • Scalable edge-based solution, does not require additional equipment or appliances
  • Detection accuracy is not affected by hats, glasses, or other headgear
  • Monitors several people in an area simultaneously
  • Can automatically trigger alarms and notifications
  • Capture and send images to FTP upon alarm

Wisenet P series AI Face Mask Detection

Hanwha Techwin’s license-free AI analytics suite is included onboard with Wisenet P series AI camera devices. The addition of AI mask detection to its list of extracted facial attributes (gender, age group, glasses, etc.) on Wisenet P series AI cameras allows the detection of up to 10 masks per second and will be available as a firmware update, summer 2020.


  • Available through firmware upgrade, summer 2020
  • Part of Hanwha Techwin’s license-free onboard analytics suite
  • Detects up to 10 masks per second
  • Easy configuration through device web interface
  • Full integration with Wisenet WAVE VMS

Supported Wisenet P series AI Cameras for Face Mask Detection

Wisenet X series a2 Face Mask Detection

The a2 Face Mask Detection App is an easy to install solution that can be added to existing Wisenet X series camera devices. Enabling face mask detection on Wisenet X series cameras provides users with accurate alerts triggered when people with uncovered faces or incorrectly worn masks are detected.


  • Simple installation using Hanwha Techwin’s Open Platform policy
  • Simultaneously detects up to 4 masks in a scene
  • Records unmasked person upon alarm
  • Automatic audio prompts upon alarm
  • Full integration with Wisenet WAVE VMS

Supported Wisenet X series Cameras for a2′s Face Mask Detection

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Social Distancing

Monitor the proximity of people in public spaces

Deep Learning AI Solution

With Hanwha Techwin’s edge-based deep learning AI application, social distancing checks are easier to perform. Cameras placed in key locations throughout a facility or outdoor space detect distancing violations and trigger an alarm, with visual information sent to a monitor alerting staff to intervene.

This solution is available as a free-of-charge firmware update for Wisenet P series AI cameras, allowing it to scale to match areas of any size and integrates with most widely used VMS platforms.

Solution Features

  • High accuracy with edge-based deep-learning AI video analytics
  • Detect multiple people simultaneously, only tracking distances between humans
  • Alarm triggers can alert staff to social distancing violations or play a pre-recorded audio message
  • Easy configuration through web viewer
  • Can be used simultaneously with face mask detection and occupancy monitoring application

For more information or to download the firmware, please click here to visit.

Face mask detection features

  • Event generated by people not wearing, or improperly
    wearing, a face mask
  • Detection accuracy is not affected by hats, glasses
    or head scarves
  • Range of detection up to 16.4 feet, and can monitor
    up to people in area simultaneously

Thermal Imaging/Body Temperature Detection

Discreetly check body temperatures to prevent potential exposure risks

Thermal Body Temperature Detection Camera

Hanwha Techwin’s body temperature cameras use thermal imaging technology for fast detection of skin-surface temperatures across multiple subjects simultaneously and is accurate to within ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) at distances of up to 5 meters.


The cameras’ edge-based AI algorithm ignores non-human heat sources to reduce the frequency of false alarms. When an above-normal temperature is detected, an alarm with a graphic overlay notifies operators so the identified person can be discreetly managed. An onboard visible camera is also present to assist with identification of individuals.

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Camera Features

  • Edge-based AI ignores non-human heat signatures
  • Reads the temperatures of multiple people simultaneously
  • No physical contact required
  • Produces immediate alarm notifications with onscreen overlays when triggered
  • Onboard visible camera to assist in identification of subjects
  • Integration with Wisenet WAVE VMS
  • Certified and approved as an FDA 510K Classification medical device.
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