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A message from our President


KiChul (KC) Kim, President of Hanwha Techwin America.


Hello everyone,


Summer is in full swing and I’m sure you’ll agree this one is different in every way: canceled vacations, missed family celebrations, separation from friends. But as we’ve adjusted our personal lives, our industry must also adapt.


World events are often the catalyst for new technology developments, and COVID-19 has clearly changed the product roadmap of many companies – including Hanwha Techwin. As business restrictions loosen and states reopen, our customers must acclimate to changing environments. To support them we’ve developed a full suite of solutions, available now, designed to keep their staff and customers safe, and their businesses compliant with public health and safety guidelines including AI-based apps for monitoring occupancy levels, face-covering use and social distancing. Later this year, we will unveil a new body temperature detection camera using our thermal imaging technology.


Many health and safety experts point to products like these as the right solutions students and teachers need to safely reenter schools, or professionals to work in their offices or fans to attend concerts or sports events.


We agree. These products will certainly be in critical demand for the short term during this pandemic. It’s also quite possible they will remain as long-term permanent fixtures in everyday life. Either way, Hanwha Techwin is ready with the right safety and health technology, complemented by our full line of security and surveillance solutions.


More updates on these new products are coming soon. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and questions, and thank you for your commitment to our business.



KiChul (KC) Kim


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