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Hanwha Techwin meets the unique needs of energy-based industries with purpose built IP camera solutions suitable for hazardous and non-permissive environments. This is achieved through a combination of proprietary technologies that include specialized camera devices with the ability to load 3rd party applications through our Open Platform policy and advanced license-free onboard video and audio analytics.

Safety first. Security first.

Explosion-proof cameras for hazardous environments

These custom fitted explosion-proof housings are capable of operating safely in areas where traditional camera device designs may be unsuitable or pose a risk to safety due to the presence of explosive or flammable gases and material.

Hanwha Techwin explosion-proof camera features:

  • 2MP@60fps
  • Sealed 316L stainless steel or aluminum construction*
  • IP66/67 ingress protection rating
  • Onboard advanced video analytics
  • Integrated weather resistant window wiper*
  • Built-in fiber optics module*
  • Available washer tank and heavy duty mounting accessories*
*Material and features like wiper vary by model

360° endless pan rotation & 255 preset mode.

Explosion-proof PTZ cameras feature 360° endless pan and 180° tilt with movement preset to 1~50°/sec. With up to 255 preset positions, users have additional flexibility and functionality

Capture details with 2MP 32x optical zoom.

Equipped with 32x optical allows these cameras to see further and
capture every moment without losing detail.

A high-powered VMS with low overhead.

Wisenet WAVE VMS
Wisenet WAVE VMS is a lightweight and feature rich video management solution capable of supporting up to 128 IP video streams per server. The system is fully integrated with Wisenet NVRs and IP camera video and audio analytics using SUNAPI protocol and most ONVIF and 3rd party camera devices for a seamless user experience.

Easy setup – complete system install and configuration in minutes

Flexibility – drag and drop interface with resizable viewing panes for intuitive navigation

Compatibility – Full integration with Wisenet SUNAPI 2.0 device features and and analytics and other popular 3rd party devices

Reliability – Robust server hive architecture ensures continuous system uptime

Portability – Accessible from anywhere via WAVE Sync with mobile client applications

Accessibility – Add an unlimited number of users to a single system, each with custom or preset roles

Painless setup and installation.

Wisenet WAVE VMS is also available in preconfigured server and client devices in several form factors to meet the needs of your facility.

Cybersecure security

Secure by Default

Hanwha Techwin security products offer the highest cybersecurity possible with unique certificates embedded into every device during each phase of the manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation.

Multiple savings in installation and maintenance costs.

4-channel multi-sensor/multi-directional cameras
Decrease installation and maintenance costs in the field
by replacing several device installations with one.

Hanwha Techwin multi-sensor cameras:

  • Eliminate the need for multi-camera installations
  • Only require a single network cable for installation
  • Record all sensors using a single camera recording license for popular VMS solutions
  • PTRZ models reduce maintenance costs when camera readjustments are needed

Multi-directional + PTZ

The PNM-9320VQP multi-directional + PTZ camera is equipped with four independently targeted sensors and a single center-mounted 2MP PTZ. The addition of the onboard PTZ camera allows operators to take advantage of Hanwha Techwin’s exclusive Advanced PTZ Handover and Smartzoom features.

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Easy to install innovation.

Independently Motorized 2MP or 5MP Pan-Tilt-Rotate-Zoom (PTRZ) capabilities with onboard IR LEDs allow remote adjustment of cameras within ever-changing environments day or night.

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Don’t just feel the heat,
see it, too.

Thermal and radiometric camera devices

Hanwha Techwin thermal and radiometric camera devices identify
objects at distances of up to 1.9miles (3157m) away in
all weather conditions and can monitor facility temperatures
for signs of danger with temperature change detection analytics.

Object detection distances

Temperature change detection analytics.

Enhance personnel safety and give warning to potential hazards in industrial settings with custom temperature monitoring zones.

Multiple color palettes.

Seven color palettes are provided, allowing users to select the best image when monitoring a multitude of environments.

Find a world
that’s just as bright,
late at night.

Low light perimeter security solutions
Hanwha Techwin’s extraLUX and high output uniform IR
equipped camera devices capture clear and crisp images
even in extremely poor lighting conditions.

Wisenet extraLUX cameras:

  • ½” CMOS sensor for clearer and sharper true-color images without IR LEDs in any light
  • 2MP, full HD resolution at up to 60fps for smooth playback
  • IP66/67 ingress protection rating
  • True day/night
  • Up to 150dB WDR
  • H.265 and WiseStream II compression
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55x optical zoom with auto focusing IR.

The XNP-6550RH camera features the latest technology from Hanwha Techwin. Featuring a massive 55x long-range optical zoom and variable focus high output IR emitters, this camera is capable of seeing up to 1,640ft (500m) in all lighting conditions.

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See the world in a single picture.

The world’s first
8K surveillance camera

Hanwha Techwin’s TNB-9000 is the world’s first 8K ultra HD surveillance camera. Its compatibility with Canon EF mount lenses makes it easy to capture wide fields of view in great detail from even greater distances.


  • 43.3mm full-frame CMOS Image Sensor
  • Compatible with several Canon EF mount Lenses
  • License-free AI based object detection and classification video analytics
  • Efficient video streaming with H.265 with WiseStream Ⅱ
  • 100/1000Mbps Network connectivity via RJ-45 & SFP slot for long distance cable runs
  • RS-485 for pan and tilt mount controls
  • Simple Focus & MicroUSB port allows for easy and perfect focus control remotely
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Save more while
saving more.

WiseStream II + H.265 compression technology

Our proprietary compression technology, when used with the H.265 codec enables storage and bandwidth savings of up to 75% when compared to the use of H.264 video compression alone.

Be feature rich without
being rich.

Built-in camera features

Hanwha Techwin’s onboard camera features provide users with reliable, high value devices that meet the needs and requirements of even the most hazardous environments.

Tamper detection: Detects when a camera’s direction is changed due to impact, sudden loss of focus, painting or blockage
Image stabilization: Cameras can detect shaking or vibration and digitally stabilize 
the image
Fog detection: Cameras can detect the presence of fog or steam and automatically improve image quality
DIS with gyro sensor: An internal gyroscopic sensor is used to detect vibration in an image and work to stabilize the affected image
HLC: Low light feature that blocks sources of intense light such as vehicle headlights in order to maintain a clear image
PTZ handover: Strategically placed cameras can be used to trigger PTZ presets, patrol patterns, and target tracking based on detected events
Open platform: This policy allows 3rd party software and applications to run on the edge in parallel with normal camera operations, adding utility to your IP camera device beyond surveillance functions

License-free intelligent video analytics

With customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms, Hanwha Techwin’s license-free video analytics suite reduces the frequency of false alarms while increasing the efficiency of forensic review.

Face detection: Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present
Intrusion detection: Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone
Virtual line crossing detection: Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter
Enter/exit detection: Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area
Loitering detection: Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone
Appear/disappear detection: Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone

Audio analytic:
Detects and identifies the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass

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