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partner portal – Hanwha Techwin America

Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal is now live


Hanwha Techwin is continually reevaluating, updating and expanding the versatility of its solutions to stay ahead of changing industry trends. This approach also extends to our web site and digital assets as we work to make them useful tools for our channel partners – distributors, system integrators, architects, engineers and consultants.


The results of these efforts are clearly seen in our new Partner Portal, which went live at the end of May.


“We took a long look at our previous site and found its layout wasn’t user-friendly or current with how people search for information today,” said Sandra Duque, Hanwha Techwin’s customer relationship manager who played a key role in launching the new portal. “Now, with a modern design and easier-to-find content this site puts everything our partners need to know about Hanwha solutions, products, resources and benefits right at their fingertips.”


Updated Interface



You’ve probably already started receiving emails about the new Partner Portal and how it can help you manage your business, sharpen your competitive advantage and increase your profitability. Click here to log on and start exploring this comprehensive new resource and if you have any questions, please contact inside sales.

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