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partner updates – Hanwha Techwin America

Partner Updates

New Genetec and Milestone integrations


Hanwha Techwin is committed to supporting developers of software and hardware technologies, helping them design and build systems that work seamlessly with our products. The latest integration projects include:


With the release of Security Center, Genetec has introduced a full SUNAPI enabled driver.  The use of SUNAPI, Hanwha’s API, provides a tighter integration between Hanwha devices and the latest generation Genetec’s Security Center unified security platform.


Certain Hanwha Techwin camera models are now supported with Genetec’s Stratocast™ cloud-based monitoring and video surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) solution. Users can either scan the cameras’ QR code through the Stratocast mobile app for easy enrollment or enter an activation code received from the Stratocast website into the camera.


With Hanwha’s AI cameras enhanced object classification and AI Plugin combined with Milestone’s XProtect suite of video surveillance technologies allows users do more granular forensic searches.  These classifications include gender, clothing color, vehicle color, and vehicle type to name a few.


For more information on the Hanwha AI Plugin for XProtect, please visit our page on the Milestone Marketplace.

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